Sinusitis AGAIN!

Have hunkered down on the sofa to draw as I'm full of lurgy. I've been really good at only drawing in my tiny studio, but sometimes you have to slob out! 
What do you do when you're under the weather but have things to draw?!



#1 fairy godchild wasn't feeling very well today, so made for an excellent model to do a quick sketch of this afternoon! (He perked up when mam got home )


International Womens Day

A late in the day sketch for #internationalwomensday! I thought I'd pay homage to some of the female characters that had an impact on me as a kid! (Bonus points if you can make any of them out from my pencil scratchings )


White Rabbits Day

I always try and say 'WHITE RABBITS DAY!' first thing on March 1st (which I always fail at, for the request for tea is always foremost in my mind) anyways, as it's also here's that elusive lucky white rabbit as his fave book character.

World Book Day!

Happy #WorldBookDay! I've just seen that 'The History Museum' I illustrated for Bonnier Publishing: Five Mile Press, is out in June! (Link here) Here's a sneak peek of what you can find in the book :D

And not forgetting 'The Princess and the Cafe on the Moat' is out later this month or next I think! See my previous post with the first review in on the book (Link here)


1st review for The Princess and the Cafe on the Moat!

1st review in for 'The Princess and the Cafe on the Moat' I illustrated last year! Read it here...
It's out next month I think! ...
"Chloe Douglass’ illustrations are kid-friendly and diverse, with an array of characters (including African American) on every page" :D



Last dummy rough done!

Last rough done for the dummy! Me and Bear have the same expression right now


Warm up winter olympics doodle

I am enjoying that the girls who do skiing and snowboarding pull the front bits of their hair through their helmets


Colour Collective-Boto Pink

Some days are just doggone hard to feel chipper. Especially if you're made to wear a pink tutu. 



A loose line  (Am I the only one that giggles at that term?!)


sophies choice

when your art imitates life....this is me in my kitchen realising I need to start making some Sophie's choice decisions on what makes the postcards for the book fairs this year... *stirs tea endlessly*


Book Cover

Over on twitter theres a link going on where you get nominated to post a book cover with no reason or explanation.  Off the top of my head I chose this one :)



Spent this evening listening to Prof Lauren Stewart’s inaugural lecture @GoldsmithsUoL The hubby got a cracking name drop at the end for his PhD work in upper limb rehabilitation research for stroke survivors @GoldsmithsMSP and I managed some doodling

100 Years

Today's warm up doodle. Here's to those women who gave everything to pave the way for us to have a vote. 1918 saw women over 30 who met minimum property requirements get a vote. The Equal Franchise Act 1928 meant all women over 21 had the right to vote on equal terms with men.




These two are reflecting the kinda day I am having thanks to a head cold!


Cloud Sunday

Sundays shape and colour is cloud like, a little bit grey and bluey. :)


Circle Friday

Following on from Tuesday Triangle, here's Circle Friday! Fridays are yellow and circle shaped, as are pentagons, the number five and the word socks. :) (And circles are happiest when naked too)